Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Wow! Four Legged Snake Fossil Found in Brazil

A four-legged snake fossils 113 million years old found in Brazil. Fossils like this is the first visits of scientists and estimated were the ancestors of today's snakes.

His hands and feet were allegedly not used to walking and swimming, but it might help him clutching prey and dig. The findings reinforce the assumption that snakes evolved on land.

The debate has been long underway among palaeontologists, and the researchers say that the less evidence of sea snakes evolved from reptiles.

"This is the most primitive snake fossils, clearly did not live in the water," says Dr Nick Longrich of the University of Bath, one of the study's researchers Talking

to the Science in Action for the BBC, Longrich explained, these creatures do not have a tail shaped like paddles to swim and did not have signs of fins.

While the trunk is long and the short muzzle is a feature commonly found in animals digger.

Longrich even see a snake-like organ, such as crooked teeth, jaw and spine flexible, even scales like a snake.

"Can not be denied it was a snake. It's just that, with little arms and legs," he said.

Sleeve 4 mm and 7 mm feet, according to Longrich, not used for walking, but for gripping prey.

The weak clutches may also be used at the time of marriage is the source of the name of the species, namely Tetrapodophis, which means snake with four legs, and Amplectus, which is the Latin word for embrace.

Dr Bruno Simoes studying the evolution of vision serpent in the Natural History Museum in London said it was impressed by this discovery because the arms and legs snake was preserved and appears to progress well.

"It is surprising because it seemed very close to the snake group today," he said.

Simoes said, the fossil of this and several other new findings provide evidence that snakes evolved on land..
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Sunday, March 13, 2016

4 Ways to Whiten Teeth Can Be Tested

WHEN smile is no longer beautiful because the teeth are yellowed or discolored, not a few people started to panic, be humble and shy so try to find a way to whiten teeth or restore the tooth color becomes the natural white color, even some that want to make teeth look whiter of the original color.

Tooth discoloration can be caused by a variety of good things that come from the environment or from the body, so that the color change is quite varied and how to whiten teeth also require treatment or a different action.

Brushing teeth correctly using the right toothpaste

Stains on the surface of the tooth will be lost by the abrasive action of toothpaste containing microgranule. The working principle of this toothpaste is not does not alter the color of teeth, but to clean up into the gaps between the teeth. So the appearance of the color of teeth can restore teeth to their natural color.

In office bleaching

In office bleaching teeth whitening is a procedure that is performed in the clinic with the help of a dentist. There are various kinds of professional teeth whitening ingredient that in its application using a support beam or laser, and also protective in the gums with insulation or rubber dam, so as not exposed by teeth whitening ingredients. This procedure usually requires only one visit for an hour.

In home bleaching

Teeth whitening done alone at home without the help of dentists using whitening products are clearly distinct from those used by dentists at the clinic with lower concentrations. Usually the gel is placed on a tray in accordance with the tooth.


A thin layer that is placed on the surface of the teeth so as to cover the surface of the tooth discoloration. Its work can be done directly (direct) and indirect (indirect) by the dentist.

With Veneer, rate of change of the desired color can be set.

But most important of how to whiten teeth, consult directly if you are experiencing tooth discoloration want to do teeth whitening, either alone or with the help of a dentist at the clinic.

However, it is important to understand a few things before deciding to whiten teeth..
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Friday, March 11, 2016

Teko house Giant, The Strange retreat in the middle of the forest

Noisy and busy urban not a suitable place to spend their old age. That was the decision taken by Gu Yuezi (64), artist Chen Village, Guangdong, China.

Teko house Giant

In his old age, the artist carved the famous China decided to become a hermit. Since 2006, she came out of Guangdong and choose to live in the forest near the city of Foshan, in the south of the country. He claims to have tired of the hustle and bustle of city life. He wants to leave all commercial activities.

Efforts Yuezi away from the city life is amazing. He build and design their own unique home from home living tree in the forest.

Oddly shaped. Yuezi home form in the form of a giant teapot, bird nests, as well as sculptures roots. All done with his own hands.

The tree house was carved beautifully. In it Yuezi equip with living room, bedroom, bathroom. The house is sufficient to withstand loads up to 20 people..
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Strange But True, Dog Shoot employer

A tragic story but weird happened in Wyoming, USA. A resident in the place it had to be hospitalized as a result of gun shot by his own pet dog.

Strange But True, Dog Shoot employer
As reported by The Huffington Post, Sheriff Steve Kozisek local authorities confirmed that citizens Richard L Fipps (46) had to be hospitalized for a pet dog accidentally stepped on firearms that were in his truck.

"Safety was not activated weapons," said Kozisek.

According to the Big Horn Mountain Radio, Fipps when it was moving snow chains to his possession of the truck, and he was shot in his left arm.

"Weapons are loaded in the truck, and when the dog jumped in and seemed to step on or make the weapon fire," added Kozisek again.

Fipps immediately rushed to Sheridan Memorial Hospital using the ambulance. His condition is currently unknown, but the injury did not threaten his safety..
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Unique, Bali Biggest Dam 'Guarded' 60 Statues

Rules of Procedure hose dam was recorded as the largest reservoirs in the island of Bali with a capacity of up to 12 million cubic meters of water. Uniquely, the dam is located on the border village of hose and Rindikit Village, District Busungbiu, the Buleleng regency, 'guarded' dozens of statues placed on the reservoir.

From observation detikFinance, Sunday (12/13/2015), there are at least 60 sculptures scattered over the dam, bridge access, home offices, and office operations Titab Dam hose.

Figurines this puppet

can already be found when entered into the dam access road. The highest number was in front of the building operational reservoir that is located above the main dam.

For information, Titab Reservoir water hose can accommodate up to 12 million cubic meters. This dam could flood an area of 1,794 hectares of rice fields along the river flow Saba and Paluran, even during the dry season .

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.Chunks of stone Strange It Contains 30 Thousand Diamonds

Chunks of stone Strange It Contains 30 Thousand Diamonds - geological researchers discovered a strange boulder filled with tens of thousands of tiny diamonds. Chunks of stone found on the mining Udachnaya Russia is viewed can help researchers unravel the geological history and the origins of the emergence of gemstones on Earth.

Chunks of stone Strange It Contains 30 Thousand Diamonds

Reported by Live Science, Thursday, December 18, 2014, the boulder was found in at least 30 thousand diamonds that light up when exposed to X-ray tomography scanner. Researchers say, the concentration of diamonds in the rock millions of times larger than a typical diamond seed, which is an average of one to six carats per tonne, or roughly one-fifth of a gram.

Interestingly, when exposed to X-rays, each mineral stone that emits color bebeda. For example emit black diamonds.

"Mineral Association will tell us the origin of this stone, which is a strange one," said Larry Taylor, a

geologist at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA.

Researchers are still not able to reveal how the diamonds were formed in the stomach of the Earth. Scientists think the diamond appear deep in the Earth's surface, between the crust and the core of the Earth (mantle).

Well, volcanic eruptions eventually bring the diamond rose to the surface layer of the Earth. Unfortunately, on the way to the surface, some diamonds were destroyed, leaving only the crystals on the surface of the Earth.

From the boulder that, tens of thousands of diamond unite in a tight binding. Meanwhile, the crystal only has a height of 1 mm, was found in the octahedral layers.

Other spots in the slab is garnet red and green olivine and pyroxene. 3D models built from X-rays, revealed when diamonds are formed after mineral garnet, olivine and pyroxene.

Taylor said that overall, the findings suggest that diamonds crystallize from the liquid separated from the subduction of oceanic crust, which kemunginan consisting of solid stone or peridot. These findings still harbored a mystery, including the chemical processes of diamond formation.

"Chemical reactions in the formation of the diamond is still a puzzle," explains Taylor.

Meanwhile, another researcher who was not involved in the study, Sami Mikhail, has other explanations of chemical processes are rare.

"The source of the unusual chemistry that could be really old formation that has gone down in the mantle in a long time," said Carnegie Institution researcher dor Science, Washington DC, USA.

The findings of this rare stone has been presented to the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union earlier this week. Furthermore, the results of this study will be published in Russian Geology and Geophysics for the January 2015 edition.
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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

This is 7 Unique and Strange Man in the World

1. People who do not get fat

Perry (59) This man can be whatever he wants to eat foods in unlimited quantities, including high-fat foods such as fast food and she did not have to worry about obesity. This man was suffering a disorder called lipodystrophy, a condition that makes his body rapidly burn fat. Previously, Perry was a pretty fat kid, but when he was 12 years suddenly dropped his weight-free overnight. Despite trying to eat as much as anything, but did not cause any effect. In the end when examined abnormalities are found, Perry turned out to produce the hormone insulin 6X more than the average person.

2. Ice Man

Dutchman Wim Hof, also known as the Iceman, the man was able to swim in ice water and burying himself backfilled ice. In fact, he had to climb Mount Blanc just with shorts! Scientists can not explain this physical condition, how can the 48-year-old man is resistant even at home in the cold temperatures that should be fatal to the average person

3. Human orgasm in the world

Sarah Carmen (24), UK. An extraordinary woman as it can easily receive stimuli from almost anything to be able to orgasm as much as 200x a day. Imagine! This condition is called Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS), which causes increased blood flow to the genital organs. Sarah said that occasionally he did a lot of sex just to calm himself and for the men did not seem to bother because Sarah can reach climax easily.

4. People who are allergic to water

Ashleigh Morris water, he can not go swimming, soak in a tub of warm water and even a shower though because she is allergic to water, even sweat was making this 19-year-old girl in pain. Ashleigh comes from Malbourne, Australia, is allergic to water at any temperature, this is the case since he was 14 years old. He suffers from a skin disorder called Aquagenic Urticaria, a condition which is really rare in the world.

5.People allergic technology

For most people, mobile phones, cooking with a microwave is part of life in the 21st century but it is highly unlikely objects owned for Debbie Bird, because she is allergic to Mobile and Microwaves. The 39-year-old woman is very sensitive to electromagnetic waves (EMF) generated by computers, mobile phones, microwave and a few cars. Effects when exposed skin rash Debbie is wound 3X milking and could be widened if it is too close to sources of EMF. Then Debbie husband who works as a health spa manager change their home to be free EMF. technology does this present moment can not be separated from us. many technologies created by talented designers the world as may produkk lifestyle that follows the current technology could be useful for you.

6. People who fainted after laughing

Kay Underwood, 20 years old, suffered from cataplexy which means when the patient is experiencing excessive emotion, her muscles will weaken. things such as joy, fear, surprise, awe can make it immediately fell right where he is. Kay suffered from this disease since 5 years ago, passed out more than 40x a day. Kay said "people think it is very strange and not easy to face the reaction of others". Besides cataplexy, Kay also had to fight Narcolepsy, a condition which can make it fall asleep suddenly. Narcolepsy affects more than 30,000 people in the UK and around 70% of them also have cataplexy disease

7. People who do not sleep for a year

hett Lamb looks like most 3-year-old child, but there is one thing that makes it really different from his peers, a condition in which he was not able to sleep if only for an instant. Rhett awake almost 24 hours a day for a year! make parents and doctors guard Rhett turns to observe in order to find a solution. Finally Rhett doctors diagnose a condition called Arnold-Chiari malformation. Rhett brain literally forced by the spinal column, so messed up system of the brain, but the brain has a vital function to regulate sleepiness, speech, emotion, the body's circulatory system, even breathing.
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Odd Shaped Car Design Clothing Company

Glimpse of this vehicle is going to make his head, because the object with prism shape which has a pointed end that every car is a result of the design company headquartered in Ingrris mode.

In terms of shape the car that has the name Lo Res is quite strange, but it forms zoom unrecognizable

as a vehicle that has functionality like a vehicle in general.

But the unique design of this bizarre car designed by Marcello Gandini who is a designer, manufacturer Lamborghini supercar. Even this renowned designers have spawned some of the world famous Lamborghini models. Similarly, as quoted by Carscoop.

Although car abstract form, but the whole body is designed using materials polikarbonet to get a lighter weight but stronger. Polygonal shape of the body parts do not come with out access driver.

To-out access, this car has only one access door that is entered through the underbody, where the whole body moves upward open cabin space is used for the rider or passenger.

Unfortunately, the company did not inform the Nude united mode engine power under their botnet. '
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