Friday, March 11, 2016

Strange But True, Dog Shoot employer

A tragic story but weird happened in Wyoming, USA. A resident in the place it had to be hospitalized as a result of gun shot by his own pet dog.

Strange But True, Dog Shoot employer
As reported by The Huffington Post, Sheriff Steve Kozisek local authorities confirmed that citizens Richard L Fipps (46) had to be hospitalized for a pet dog accidentally stepped on firearms that were in his truck.

"Safety was not activated weapons," said Kozisek.

According to the Big Horn Mountain Radio, Fipps when it was moving snow chains to his possession of the truck, and he was shot in his left arm.

"Weapons are loaded in the truck, and when the dog jumped in and seemed to step on or make the weapon fire," added Kozisek again.

Fipps immediately rushed to Sheridan Memorial Hospital using the ambulance. His condition is currently unknown, but the injury did not threaten his safety..

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