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8 City of New Found Drowning

1.City of Thira 3500 years Sunset ago (location between Greece and Turkey)

Thira is the capital city of Minoan empire, lost nearly 3500 years ago. Aegia dives in the sea between Greece and Turkey have rediscovered the historic city. It lies on the seabed, in the lagoon island of Santorin volcano that used to be as high as 1500 meters above sea level. Atlantis circa 1480 BC, ancient Santorin mountain erupted. Like the Ancient Krakatoa eruption, the mountain itself collapsed forming a caldera on the seabed. Amblasnya ancient mountain was dumped 62 billion cubic meters of ocean water rushing in waves as high as hundreds of these meter.Tsunami Aegia Sea raced out to all parts of the Mediterranean Sea with a speed of 500 km / hour. Natural disasters is often suggested as the raw materials the Greek philosopher Plato's story about "the lost continent of Atlantis."

After the dives and excavations archaeologists found the city of Athens University of Thira is still intact on the seabed,

As illustrated by George Pararas-Carayannis, Director of the International Tsunami Information Center in Honolulu, cultural empire that disappeared in the flood is already quite high. Buildings, there is a graded one, two and three. In it are found many artifacts of Minoan and household tools. But the human skeleton, none of which are found there.
There is a possibility, Minoan city residents are familiar with the alarm system before the volcano erupted, so they have enough time to flee the island.

City of Ancient Alexandria 1600 Sunset Last Year (Egypt)

1600 years ago the ancient city of Alexandria, Egypt, drowned by the earthquake and tsunami that struck the area. Historic town that has been found to include a number of ruins which traces the history of the city of the ancient city.
City of Alexandria is the residence Cleoptra, the famous Egyptian queen. The city was also witness to the history of Cleopatra's relationship with Julius Caesar, Marc Antony and Octavius ​​are all officials of the Roman Empire that was crazy by Cleopatra.

Although the sunset over 1600 years, traces namuna luxury palaces in Alexandria, can still be found by archaeologists. Reportedly, there are about 500,000 homes go deep in terrible disaster at the time. It is known than 700,000 reels of ditemukandi library records. Found also 25 sphinxes, statues of the gods is also a statue of Cleopatra. Excavations focused on the submarine island Antirhodus which is thought to center court of the queen. Another invention is a shipwreck and the red granite columns, statues of Cleopatra's father's face, King Ptolemy XII. But some relics were asked to not be brought up onto the land because the government wants all the relics of Egypt's Cleopatra island remains on the seabed. The government made the seabed museum in the water.

3.Port Royal,

Trade Center Century 17 (Jamaica) devastating earthquake had destroyed a town bells and whistles, Port Royal, in Jamaica. Not only devastated the city, but also buried all that was there into the seabed. Formerly, the port city is famous as a nest of pirates, prostitution, drunkenness.
The town is located in the Caribbean Sea was sunk almost two centuries ago. Bandar was once known as the center of Spain's most famous trade in the Caribbean, even in the whole United States at that time. Towards evening, June 7, 1692, felt the earth beneath Port Royal stretched three times, which immediately followed a tidal wave.

No more time to evacuate. For in a few minutes alone, 90% of the city's bergedung 2000 - mostly two-storey and three - or collapsed or slid into the sea. More than 2000 people died instantly. Loss of property does not tertaksir number. His records are stored mostly in the archives of the Spanish colonial government.

Based on the archives of Spain, the Jamaican government in 1966 launched a diving operation and the large-scale excavations to find the dealer of the 17th century to sink it. Although the location of the city under-water was not too deep - ranging from 1 to 20 meters - are all the dive sites "only" 140 thousand mÿFD, after all dives and removal of artifacts Port Royal practically took three years.

4.City of Shihoku Beach Island 1300 Sunset years ago (Japan)

thousand years ago, in coastal sebuahkota P. Shihoku who is now a Tosa Bay, a tidal wave engulfed and drowned an earthquake. There are a thousand people who follow a family of children drowned because no time to escape from the tsunami attack. That's how the Japanese folk tale in the region, almost like a legend lost city of Atlantis in Aegia Sea, Greece. But 15 years ago, the remnants of the town at the base of the Pacific Ocean was discovered by chance by some divers. Since then, begin the preparation of scientific investigation to find the lost city of exactly 1300 years ago.

5. Mahabalipuram Temple of Being in the Air (India)

According to 'legenda'nya Temple by the Sea known as the coast of Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu, is not the only one temple but one of the seven temples that were there, but six other temples have been drowned. The story of the people was further evidenced by the expedition team of archaeologists in the offshore of Mahabalipuram, and found the rest of sisas stone, walls, etc.. Narrated, in the 7th century, Pallava dynasty who ruled the area has made a lot of Mahabalipuram and Kanchipuram candidi them.

6.Yonaguni-Jima Sunset 2000 Years Ago (Japan)

Yonaguni-Jima is located near the southern tip of the Ryukyu Islands, Japan, approximately 75 miles (120 kilometers) east coast of Yonaguni Taiwan.Pulau described as a remarkable place, but the most special attraction of this island are the ruins of the city under the sea in south coast of Yonaguni. Mentioned this city sunk by an earthquake and tsunami of 2000 years ago.
Found artifacts from the stone slabs that are still firm, which allegedly used high tech to carve. Artifacts artifacts found with the carved stone slabs that seem to be using equipment that did not exist at that time.
However Masaaki Kimura, a marine geologist from the University of Ryukyu, Japan, believes that the ruins of an ancient city that has existed 5000 years ago.

7.Pavlopetri, City of Port Bronze Age (Greek)

Pavlopetri ancient city are on the three to four feet of water just off the southern coast of Laconia in Greece. The ruins of the building there are at least 15 buildings are still visible forms, each consisting of 3-4 rooms, streets, even the grave can still be found. From there the study estimates that the city has been there in 2800 BC but there are other opinions that the town older than that, the Mycenaean period around 1600-1100 BC. Amazingly, despite thousands of years old, but the structure of the city who found relatively intact. Of pottery artifacts were found, allegedly made about 1100 BC.

It is estimated that, once Pavlopetri is an advanced port city and a place to do business with the locals or with merchants across the Mediterranean. The discovery adds to the picture of the new knowledge, especially about the life of Bronze Age society.

Archaeologist Dr Jon Henderson, of Nottingham University, is the first archaeologist to have official access to examine the place. He received special permission from the Greek government to investigate the city under the sea.
According to Henderson, the invention is very rare and important.

8.Dwarka Port (India)

Among the most exciting archaeological discoveries are in India, namely off the coast of Dwarka and Bet Dwarka in Gujarat. Excavation has been going on since 1983. These two sites are 30 km distant from one another. Dwarka in the Arabian sea coast, and bet Dwarka in the Gulf of Kutch. Both places are connected with the legend of Krishna good and there are many temples here, mostly belonging to the mid point. Rated as one among the seven most ancient cities in the country. Dvaraka legendary city is the abode of Lord Krishna.

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