Friday, September 9, 2011

7 Most Dangerous Cities in Asia

Seven busy city in Asia offers a variety of temptations. You can eat it greedily in Taipei or become a dandy in Manila. These cities can be its own excuse for sin.

1. Gluttony: Taipei, Taiwan
Seven busy city in Asia offers a variety of temptations. You can eat it greedily in Taipei or become a dandy in Manila. These cities can be its own excuse for sin.

1. Gluttony: Taipei, Taiwan

Cheap food you can find anywhere, day or night.

Cheap food you can find anywhere, day or night.

There are 18 streets in Taipei that is dedicated only to selling food. In places that typically there will be a bus stop, in Taipei you will find baked goods. Sidewalk into confectionary kiosk. The smell filled the air even know fermentation.

The night market in Taipei so famous for snack choices. Typically, these foods are known as xiaochi, which literally means "snack". These small food prices between $ 1-2.

Your belly bulge is very easy in this town.

2. Laziness: Seoul, South Korea

If no overtime, the people of South Korea will spend the bandwidth.

Internet in Seoul was organized, managed, and trimmed in such a way that, so fast, people do not have to move anywhere. South Korea's population could be hours playing World of Warcraft with ease.

South Korea was ranked 15 cities in the world termalas (and number one in Asia) by The Daily Beast. And there's no reason they can become more lazy anymore.

Recent proposals from the government proposes digital technology advances. The reason is the demand of online gaming and streaming video in Seoul. In 2012, the speed of the Internet in a city of 39 million people can reach 1000 Mbps.

3. Pride: Manila, Philippines

Filipino women famous for her beauty. But the men are too busy mematut-matut themselves in the mirror.

According to recent research from Synovate, Filipino men are the most narcissistic in Asia. Approximately 48 percent of these men believed themselves to be sexually attractive.

And about 9 out of 10 men who claim to revoke his eyebrows, they want to look cool for himself, not to lure women.

In comparison, only 25 percent of men in Singapore who convinced him attractive. That figure only reached 17 percent in China and Taiwan, while Hong Kong's only 12 percent of men who think they are interesting.

4. Greed: Shenzhen, China

When everyone is trying to save pengeluarkan, Shenzhen endlessly spend billions of dollars to buy high-technology products.

Shenzhen is one of the most fastest growing cities in the world. Province's gross domestic income reached $ 42 billion - that means more than the GDP countries like Guatemala, Lebanon, and four times bigger than Iceland.

A matter of time until there is a billion millionaires in China. Philosophy Shenzhen said, if you can not produce one million, then bring forth a billion.

5. Passion: Tokyo, Japan

Japan's sex industry is estimated to reach ¥ 2.5 trillion ($ 30 billion), number two under the automotive industry.

According to the author of "Pink Box", Joan Sinclair, "Japan can offer anything you can imagine."

From the disgusting porn to waiter, Tokyo like a dirty-minded old man in the body of a teenager. And he's fulfilling his dirty desires with the spirit of an exhibitionist.

Tokyo is a city that can satisfy your fetishes, or where you can be bathed by a young teen in uniform.

6. Iri: New Delhi, India

In 2010, the Indians are the second largest emigrant world after Mexico. This data is based on the Migration and Remittances Factbook 2011 from the World Bank.

There are approximately 11.4 million Indians who migrate to seek better livelihood. India and its capital, New Delhi, syndrome "grass is greener" the worst.

7. Revenge: Pyongyang, North Korea

Stubborn, like open confrontation, no peace... North Korea's capital like a teenager labile Asia. But, unlike teens who like to express their sense of insecurity with pierced body parts or hair coloring, North Korea would rather sink the ship or shoot the islands with a bullet.

North Korea is the national sport of Taekwondo. If there is a shortage of food, then the military comes first served. Propaganda films constantly talk about the invisible forces of North Korean soldiers. Posters at the Pyongyang also advised, "Peace is at the tip of a bayonet."

With a population of about 24 million people, North Korea has a million soldiers.

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