Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Why Gold Considered Valuable?

Since the beginning of human existence known, he has been considered the gold is valuable. Most likely the gold was the first metal known to man yan. One reason why the primitive man is interested in gold is that gold can be obtained in a free country, which means that gold can be found in small chunks that are not mixed with other metals or stones. Because it has a bright yellow color and shiny look, even the final days of any human being glad to have it and make jewelry of gold.

The value of gold increased when people realized that gold is the metal most easily done from all other metals. Malleable lump of gold to the thin and pliable enough to be bent without being broken. This means that human early age can make gold into the shape he wanted. For example at a time, gold is used as a hoop to tie the hair. From this model emerged the idea to make a crown and a small crown of gold.

Supplies of gold which can be obtained easily from the earth is very limited. Very soon the people who can not obtain the gold itself offers for mutual exchange of other goods in exchange for gold. That's the way how gold became the means of payment. Gold can not be damaged while other commodity-komodiri can be damaged, so the gold into a tool which stores the value for the future, and also a measure of value.

Then, the bankers keep the gold in their vault for security, and provide written guarantees for mengirimakn gold on request. From this practice, governments began issuing currency, or money, which is also merely an assurance to mengirimakn certain amount of gold on request.

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