Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lip Kiss Photos Barack Obama and David Cameron Circulating

One overseas air 123tunis.com domain blog published a photo which is very surprising visitors, which in the blog's content is posted under the title "Barack Obama Kissing And David Cameron". In these postings clearly a photo of President of the United States, Barack Obama and Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Cameron was kissing her lips.

Still yet to be confirmed the truth of the photo, whether the photo is genuine because it poses the right when shooting or was the result of editing, but now pictures hot lip kiss Barack Obama And David Cameron is a warm material that many shelled in a variety of internet media and forums in the world cyberspace.

On the day last Thursday (25 / 5), U.S. President Barack Obama did meet privately with the Prime Minister (PM) David Cameron in London. In a meeting for 90 minutes, the two leaders discussed the development of the revolution many civilians in the Middle East (Middle East). Including Libya's political crisis.

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zig said...

la photo ne semble pas être un montage ?

comment voulez-vous que des hommes d'états étant contre nature puissent diriger un pays convenablement ?

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