Friday, March 11, 2016

Unique, Bali Biggest Dam 'Guarded' 60 Statues

Rules of Procedure hose dam was recorded as the largest reservoirs in the island of Bali with a capacity of up to 12 million cubic meters of water. Uniquely, the dam is located on the border village of hose and Rindikit Village, District Busungbiu, the Buleleng regency, 'guarded' dozens of statues placed on the reservoir.

From observation detikFinance, Sunday (12/13/2015), there are at least 60 sculptures scattered over the dam, bridge access, home offices, and office operations Titab Dam hose.

Figurines this puppet

can already be found when entered into the dam access road. The highest number was in front of the building operational reservoir that is located above the main dam.

For information, Titab Reservoir water hose can accommodate up to 12 million cubic meters. This dam could flood an area of 1,794 hectares of rice fields along the river flow Saba and Paluran, even during the dry season .

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