Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Wow! Four Legged Snake Fossil Found in Brazil

A four-legged snake fossils 113 million years old found in Brazil. Fossils like this is the first visits of scientists and estimated were the ancestors of today's snakes.

His hands and feet were allegedly not used to walking and swimming, but it might help him clutching prey and dig. The findings reinforce the assumption that snakes evolved on land.

The debate has been long underway among palaeontologists, and the researchers say that the less evidence of sea snakes evolved from reptiles.

"This is the most primitive snake fossils, clearly did not live in the water," says Dr Nick Longrich of the University of Bath, one of the study's researchers Talking

to the Science in Action for the BBC, Longrich explained, these creatures do not have a tail shaped like paddles to swim and did not have signs of fins.

While the trunk is long and the short muzzle is a feature commonly found in animals digger.

Longrich even see a snake-like organ, such as crooked teeth, jaw and spine flexible, even scales like a snake.

"Can not be denied it was a snake. It's just that, with little arms and legs," he said.

Sleeve 4 mm and 7 mm feet, according to Longrich, not used for walking, but for gripping prey.

The weak clutches may also be used at the time of marriage is the source of the name of the species, namely Tetrapodophis, which means snake with four legs, and Amplectus, which is the Latin word for embrace.

Dr Bruno Simoes studying the evolution of vision serpent in the Natural History Museum in London said it was impressed by this discovery because the arms and legs snake was preserved and appears to progress well.

"It is surprising because it seemed very close to the snake group today," he said.

Simoes said, the fossil of this and several other new findings provide evidence that snakes evolved on land..

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