Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Odd Shaped Car Design Clothing Company

Glimpse of this vehicle is going to make his head, because the object with prism shape which has a pointed end that every car is a result of the design company headquartered in Ingrris mode.

In terms of shape the car that has the name Lo Res is quite strange, but it forms zoom unrecognizable

as a vehicle that has functionality like a vehicle in general.

But the unique design of this bizarre car designed by Marcello Gandini who is a designer, manufacturer Lamborghini supercar. Even this renowned designers have spawned some of the world famous Lamborghini models. Similarly, as quoted by Carscoop.

Although car abstract form, but the whole body is designed using materials polikarbonet to get a lighter weight but stronger. Polygonal shape of the body parts do not come with out access driver.

To-out access, this car has only one access door that is entered through the underbody, where the whole body moves upward open cabin space is used for the rider or passenger.

Unfortunately, the company did not inform the Nude united mode engine power under their botnet. '

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