Wednesday, March 9, 2016

This is 7 Unique and Strange Man in the World

1. People who do not get fat

Perry (59) This man can be whatever he wants to eat foods in unlimited quantities, including high-fat foods such as fast food and she did not have to worry about obesity. This man was suffering a disorder called lipodystrophy, a condition that makes his body rapidly burn fat. Previously, Perry was a pretty fat kid, but when he was 12 years suddenly dropped his weight-free overnight. Despite trying to eat as much as anything, but did not cause any effect. In the end when examined abnormalities are found, Perry turned out to produce the hormone insulin 6X more than the average person.

2. Ice Man

Dutchman Wim Hof, also known as the Iceman, the man was able to swim in ice water and burying himself backfilled ice. In fact, he had to climb Mount Blanc just with shorts! Scientists can not explain this physical condition, how can the 48-year-old man is resistant even at home in the cold temperatures that should be fatal to the average person

3. Human orgasm in the world

Sarah Carmen (24), UK. An extraordinary woman as it can easily receive stimuli from almost anything to be able to orgasm as much as 200x a day. Imagine! This condition is called Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS), which causes increased blood flow to the genital organs. Sarah said that occasionally he did a lot of sex just to calm himself and for the men did not seem to bother because Sarah can reach climax easily.

4. People who are allergic to water

Ashleigh Morris water, he can not go swimming, soak in a tub of warm water and even a shower though because she is allergic to water, even sweat was making this 19-year-old girl in pain. Ashleigh comes from Malbourne, Australia, is allergic to water at any temperature, this is the case since he was 14 years old. He suffers from a skin disorder called Aquagenic Urticaria, a condition which is really rare in the world.

5.People allergic technology

For most people, mobile phones, cooking with a microwave is part of life in the 21st century but it is highly unlikely objects owned for Debbie Bird, because she is allergic to Mobile and Microwaves. The 39-year-old woman is very sensitive to electromagnetic waves (EMF) generated by computers, mobile phones, microwave and a few cars. Effects when exposed skin rash Debbie is wound 3X milking and could be widened if it is too close to sources of EMF. Then Debbie husband who works as a health spa manager change their home to be free EMF. technology does this present moment can not be separated from us. many technologies created by talented designers the world as may produkk lifestyle that follows the current technology could be useful for you.

6. People who fainted after laughing

Kay Underwood, 20 years old, suffered from cataplexy which means when the patient is experiencing excessive emotion, her muscles will weaken. things such as joy, fear, surprise, awe can make it immediately fell right where he is. Kay suffered from this disease since 5 years ago, passed out more than 40x a day. Kay said "people think it is very strange and not easy to face the reaction of others". Besides cataplexy, Kay also had to fight Narcolepsy, a condition which can make it fall asleep suddenly. Narcolepsy affects more than 30,000 people in the UK and around 70% of them also have cataplexy disease

7. People who do not sleep for a year

hett Lamb looks like most 3-year-old child, but there is one thing that makes it really different from his peers, a condition in which he was not able to sleep if only for an instant. Rhett awake almost 24 hours a day for a year! make parents and doctors guard Rhett turns to observe in order to find a solution. Finally Rhett doctors diagnose a condition called Arnold-Chiari malformation. Rhett brain literally forced by the spinal column, so messed up system of the brain, but the brain has a vital function to regulate sleepiness, speech, emotion, the body's circulatory system, even breathing.

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